Acquiring The Habit Of Smoking Can Be Dangerous!

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Addicts love nicotine and think it is not allowing them to quit smoking. It is a physiological addiction. The physical suffering intensifies if body has to wait for the fix it is longing for irrespective of the fact whether person is awakened or sleeping. People of UK holidaying in Canada always prefer to keep a pack of cigarette with them to resist the long journey of around 10-12 hours. On choosing holiday destinations according to flight length they choose pack of cigarette. But their body has to forget smoking only for the flight duration.

?There are many chain smokers who smoke 30 cigarettes a day not because of their body craving for nicotine but because they have become habitual. They need it to satisfy their habit.

Heroine addicts are the worst sufferers. They have to indulge themselves in crimes like robbery, stealing because they have not got the cash to fulfill their body longing. Under certain circumstances some people has to go for smoking and once you inject this habit in yourself, it becomes passion for you. This is what clinical addiction does and tobacco manufacturers take advantage of this blaming entirely to habits.

An interesting reality is that when we continue smoking the effect of drug lessens but arouses a psychological need for more doses to increase effects. This is how; we become mere puppets of our own body.

Smoking is a problem of mind and not of body. It is not an easy habit to get rid of. If we can make our body understand to quit habit in flight hours then why can not we make it understand it at other events?

The answer is habit has an environmental trigger. It switches on picking up the phone, on sitting in car, after meals etc. Smokers think that smoking gives them pleasure. Studies show that quitting smoking is an easy task. Hypnotherapy is an effective means by which people can quit smoking easily.

A smoker is just as a driver of a car whop always presses the brakes whenever any car comes in front of his car irrespective of the fact that his own car is not started. This happens because of habit. Quitting habit is much difficult than quitting anything else.