Cigarette Cessation And Smoker

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The wise saying goes, ?Don't strike. If you strike, strike so hard, that there is no need to strike again.? To add something more, ?You may have an hour to suffer. But you have a lifetime to live, live with the ideals which you cherish!?

Here, your cherished ideal is cigarette cessation. This three inch cylinder weighing about 5 gms has bothered you enough. Now is the time to strike hard. Your hour by hour suffering may be for a month. If you pass this test for one month, you have kicked the habit for ever.

This small word with eight syllables NICOTINE- how powerful it is, how it has pinned you down? How many times you wished to come out of the smelly trench, and how each time you slipped down and fell into the cigarette trench again!

Granted that your cigarette cessation desire is strong and your will power is not so strong. As a stop gap arrangement, you tan take recourse to certain cigarette cessation methods. Take NLP for example. NLP means Neuro Linguistic Psychology. This is not a guaranteed method for cigarette cessation, but one of the dependable tools to be of help to a desperate individual like you.

This method alone will not grant you emancipation from the smoking habit. Though, clubbed with other methods, it will definitely produce beneficial results.

Your concern and the concern of your close ones in view of your deteriorating health could be another strong reason for cigarette cessation. If cigarette smoking is for enjoyment, should you not live long enough to enjoy that enjoyment? If you are not there, where is your enjoyment? So also, by smoking, you are causing deliberate injury to your health.

But what about your family members, wife and young children who are the victims of your passive smoke? Why should they view your smoke coils? You have no right to cause cancer in them.

Practice the downward spiral method for cigarette cessation. Suppose you are smoking ten cigarettes per day. Make it nine?after a week, make it eight?and after another week seven per day?so on and so forth!

Prohibitive cost of the tobacco, and the merciless taxation on products like cigarette, is another reason for your cigarette cessation. Just think deeply how much money you have squandered to spoil your health by the cigarette smoke. This deep thinking is likely to awaken you. If you get strong but supportive promptings from your trusted friends and well-meaning relatives, this factor also will have deep impact on your cigarette ideas.

Cigarette cessation and smokers are arch rivals. One of them has to win, by destroying the other. Let the strong contender for the non-smoker category win!