Smoking- It Is Hard To Escape Its Grasp!

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Earlier, smoking was a craze among adults only but now teenagers too have joined the trend. A surprising fact is that adults are more likely to quit smoking on being encouraged by friends, family and counselors, but getting teenagers to quit smoking is not all that easy. They start smoking under the influence of the peer group or friends, and even if they try getting out of the addiction, the same influences do not allow that to happen. Teenagers get well entrapped where from it is not that easy to escape.

?Smoking is making its presence felt in every sphere of our life, be it a school, home or work area. It is more an addiction than habit and therefore no one is able to escape its clutches in the first go.

Smoking is not only injurious to health but to one?s wallet as well. Studies showing expenditure made on the pack of cigarettes has come with stunning outcomes. A person could have easily afforded a comfortable life with the money that one wastes on buying these stuffs. But the thing is that we never think about such consequences that are adversely affecting our life to a great extent.

In USA, it has been made mandatory for employees not to smoke at work. In case someone does not follow the rule, the Company has a right to fire that employee. Such smokers will not be insured by the Company. This has become a hot topic on the chat shows in America.

Most of the smokers are working hard to quit the habit of smoking but unfortunately, a few of them are able to do it. Many counselors have developed a program that has been proved successful for interested volunteers. This ?stop smoking? program works according to the Behavior Theory. It is different from other programs and helps a person not to depend on cigarettes at every tense circumstance of his life. This way the smoker learns to resist his cravings for another puff.

It has become essential to take necessary steps to control smoking before we have any more sufferers in its grasp. Friends, family and counselors can only suggest but one has to take the initiative on one?s own to enter a healthy lifestyle.