Say No To Cigarette, Maintain The Distance

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Smokers can give an endless list of excuses for smoking. Such as, some gets energy from smoking. Some look smart, when they smoke. Some are able to maintain their figure because of smoking. Some smokes, as they are lonely and sad. Some smoke to celebrate. This list of excuses never ends. There are some exceptional cases also. Such as, a woman was suffering from chest pain after quitting smoking. The chest pain was cured when she started smoking again.

?However, none of the given excuses is logical. There is only one reason for smoking. It is the addiction. The addiction is more psychological than physical. Smokers are actually addicted to those toxic chemical substances.

Nicotine is one of the major components of addiction in Cigarette smoking. The smoker is unable to get rid of this nicotine. The Nicotine is running in his blood level. When the level of Nicotine decreases in the blood, he shows certain nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The smoker smokes to cover up the deficiency of Nicotine in the blood level.

This nicotine withdrawal symptom clearly shows the cause for smoking relieving the stress. Some physiological effects also occur due to stress, such as, the urine acidic.

Smoking helps in calming them down is a general misconception. It does not reduce their stress. On the contrary, it maintains the reducing level of nicotine in blood that make them relieved.

Similarly, consumption of Alcohol also enhances the level of smoking. The Nicotine level drops and to compensate the dropping level smoker smokes a lot while drinking. Thus, it is important for the smoker to know the real cause for their smoking. It is not calming down their stress, but to maintain the level of poison in their body. This thought will help the smoker to be an ex-smoker.

Once you have decided to quit smoking from that very day this poison will start reducing in your body. Make a promise not to touch it again. Within two weeks, this poisonous substance nicotine will leave your body. You will experience no nicotine withdrawal symptoms and would be able to live normally.

You will realize the benefits of quitting smoking, only after quitting it. All the advantages of smoking were nothing but misconceptions. You will get an independent feeling within you. Now, you are no longer addict of anything.

However, the ex-smokers have to take extra care. The moment they chew tobacco or taken a single puff, you will become nicotine addict again. So, keep distance from cigarette.