Smokers And Ex-smokers

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Smokers always feel that smoking helps them in getting rid from unhappiness, stress, boredom, anxiousness and loneliness. The life without a cigarette means complete boredom and frustration. Most of the smokers feel that they will put on weight after quitting cigarette. They can work faster and better after a puff of cigarette. While smoking they can be more sociable. Smoking is also a way to celebrate on special occasions. Smokers feel that everything loses its charm without smoking. They are unable to enjoy social gathering, fun, games, drink, or even the company of their spouse. According to this data of smokers, smoking has so many great attributes.

However, one more data contradicts this data. In America, almost 33, 000, 000 Americans have quited smoking and are leading a healthy life. A non-smoker would never be able to understand the great qualities of cigarette. However, the ex-smokers are well aware of these wonderful qualities. Still they have decided to quit. Are these 33, 000, 000 people mad?

These people are not mad, but they understood the disadvantages of smoking. They had also gone through the painful withdrawal symptoms of Nicotine. Still, they managed all the pain. They fought not only with the physical addiction, but also with the psychological addiction. The psychological addiction is a little tough, but they managed that too. They convinced themselves fully about the bad consequences of smoking. This demands a lot of firm determination from their side and a positive approach.

These smokers must be appreciated for coming out from this addiction. The earlier phase of quitting makes smoker a little insecure. However, you must have confidence on yourself that it is possible to live without cigarettes.

Once come out of the tight and dangerous grip of smoking. You will understand that you were on a wrong track. You were living in the world of misconceptions. After quitting smoking, they will realize that life without smoking is healthier, calmer and beautiful.

It depends on the ex-smoker, whether he/she wants to smoke again or not. Now, it demands a logical reasoning from you. However, many smokers again start smoking. The cause for their again taking up smoking is that they forgot the bad consequences of smoking. There is one more cause of taking up smoking again is the urge that they are unable to resist.

Therefore, all ex-smokers have two choices, either to quit it or to start smoking again. It is useless to be an occasional smoker, as it is also harming you a lot. Thus, make a promise of not letting even a little bit of Nicotine into your body.