Smoking- A Death Game Of Nicotine

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Everyone is well aware of the bad consequences of smoking, even the smokers. Still, they do not quit smoking. One major cause for their not quitting smoking is their love for smoking. Most of the smokers would agree to this fact that they love smoking. But, do not you think it is a wrong word for smoking. It is actually a misconception. The cause for their smoking do not depends on their love for smoking. But, the real cause is that they do not like not smoking.

?Several deadly chemicals enter through smoking. Nicotine is one of the major content of cigarette. It is an addiction, making the smoker addicted for it. This Nicotine is running along the blood stream of smoker. When the level of Nicotine decreases in the smoker?s blood level, he/she will become tense. The smoker needs continuous doses of nicotine in his/her blood to behave normally. When the level of nicotine decreases, the smoker would immediately smoke. After smoking, the level of nicotine becomes normal and smoker would be automatically normal. This is the only cause for smoking.

Nicotine should be consumed up to a limit. The exceeding limit of nicotine content in your body can do serious harm to your body. A successful smoker is the one, who is able to manage the content of nicotine.

When smokers decide to quit, they have to gone through several difficult phases.

They are well aware of the pain that they are going to experience without smoking. The earlier phases are very tough, as they have to face the problem due to decreasing nicotine level. The urge for smoking will be too strong. But, gradually their urge slows down. Smoker has the tendency to smoke frequently. However, when the interval grows, they will be able to manage themselves without smoking. In this way, one can quit smoke.

But, if you continue smoking no one can help you. You need your help in quitting smoking. Otherwise, ruin your life in your continuous battle for maintaining the level of nicotine. This harmful fight costs your life as well as your bank balance. You have already wasted a huge amount in buying this poison. Along with the money, you are also destroying your precious health.

Only one puff of smoke causes the entry of so many deadly chemicals in your body. Next time when your urge for smoke arises, just remember these words.