Smoking- More A Habit, Less A Pleasure

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Smokers failed to experience desired pleasure from smoking. To get their intended bliss, they keep on switching from one product to another when they feel that their brand is not gratifying them anymore. Initially when smoker begins smoking, he experiences warmth that seems him to fill their hollowness. Therefore they take this deadly drug as their life long companion. This delight that they enjoy is nothing but a pharmacological action of nicotine. It relaxes the smoker nerves depriving him of his thinking power. Smoking gives him false impression of being confidant, mature, and more social.

We all want to escape the bad circumstance of our life. Similarly when a smoker wants to do the same, smoking lends him a helping hand and gives all the false happiness to him that he has always wanted. This forces him to puff more like 5 to 6 cigarettes a day. But gradually he gets dependent on the cigarettes. Then his habit urges him to puff more not his problem. If he does not answer his urge then he feels irritated, frustrated, nervous, angry, and nauseous and ignored. To ease these symptoms he has to smoke and all the time he hopes that he will get support from the cigarettes and that becomes dream for him. He does feel better but only for a little time and after that blessed minutes the process again shape up itself.

The effects after quitting smoking bless him. He does not experience those horrible urges, headaches and no longer does he get into those withdrawal symptoms. He begins enjoying his liberty without worrying all time about need of smoking. His headache also gives him the pleasure because now he knows that this headache is a part of the process that ensures his healthy lifestyle.

But again something happens inside him. He starts re-picturing the warmth given by his best cigarette in his life. Long thinking about it forces him to focus on it and to bring that same pleasure in his life again that he obeys. Once again he got caught up in the same grip of an addiction. In this grip he smokes more and enjoys it less. He wants to continue to survive in the same grip at the cost of his liberty, his health and is life. Smokers who really want to enjoy their life with its true meaning needs to concentrate on the side effects of smoking otherwise they will find themselves at the threshold of the death.