Stop Smoking: The Aftermath

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Initially, a person takes the task to quit smoking very lightly. He is, in fact, not prepared to quit smoking at all! He takes things very lightly and is not bothered to quit smoking. He is not even affected by the advice of his near and dear ones.

The key factor to keep in mind is to use your hands for something better than to have a cigarette in the middle of your fingers. You need to use your hands for certain positive purposes. Sometimes, you are even tempted to chew nails. Do not have this habit. It is another bad habit which becomes rather difficult to get rid of. These symptoms, generally come when the person leaves smoking abruptly.

It is important to put hands for some good use rather than smoking. During the days of smoking, you used to watch television with a cigarette in your hand. Now, after deciding to quit smoking, you can have jigsaw, crochet, knitting, and/or sewing to keep your hands busy. These things will keep you away from cigarettes. These hobbies also will not interfere with the pleasure of your viewing television.

If you want to be in front of television without watching it, you need to try other crosswords or latest puzzles. You can try a latest puzzle, called Sudoko. This puzzle will divert your attention from cigarettes and keep you occupied for hours together.

You can also try some other methods to stop smoking. You can move in the garden of your house looking at the flowers while inhaling their sweet fragrance. This will reduce your desire to smoke. You can do woodwork, metalwork, sketching, painting, and fishing. You can try some sports as well. These will successfully divert your attention from the thought of smoking.