Symptoms After Quitting Smoking

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One of the general terms which people want to get information for, is "symptoms after quitting smoking". These symptoms can make a person break his pledge to quit smoking.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are what one has to face when one decides to stop smoking. It is a temporary condition in smoking cessation phase. All these symptoms can discourage you and make you start smoking again. But, the best way to deal with it is by having complete information on them. Prior knowledge will get you prepared for the consequences. For more information on nicotine withdrawal symptoms, read Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms.

Some of the symptoms that one faces after quitting smoking are:
1) Urge to smoke
2) Impatience
3) Drowsiness
4) Fatigue
5) Cough
6) Constipation
7) Headache

These symptoms are very high on first two days and can make you think twice about your decision. So, it is better to consult those who have been successful in doing so. Be in contact with those who motivate you to stop smoking. Indulge in your favorite activities, watch movies, play your favorite game so that your mind is not able to think about cigarette. You should also join some anti-tobacco or smoking cessation programs that will definitely give you live examples which will motivate you. There are many benefits of quitting smoking cigarettes. So, go ahead and learn the ways to quit and start enjoying the benefits.