Symptoms After You Quit Smoking

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Symptoms after you quit smoking varies from person to person. You should be prepared for the new situation and if you are not able to deal with them; you should better consult a doctor for the right anti smoking alternative. There are many stop smoking aids and anti tobacco ways to quit smoking. There are many tips that you can use to quit smoking. For more information on tips to help you quit smoking, read Some Tips To Help You Quit Smoking.

Tobacco products lead to addiction of nicotine and once a person quits smoking then nicotine withdrawal symptoms start coming up. Once you leave cigarette your body which is in the habit of getting nicotine starts craving for it. When your body doesn't get nicotine then it starts feeling uneasy and you get irritated. Some of the symptoms after you quit smoking are:
1) Restlessness
2) Irritation
3) Anger
4) Anxiety
5) Headache
6) Depression or sadness
7) Feeling hungrier than usual
8) Insomnia

We start facing these symptoms just within 24 hours of quitting cigarette. The first 48 hours are really a challenge to cross. Because, this is the time when most of the people go back on their decision. Once you cross the line then you start winning the battle against killer cigarettes and enjoy benefits of quitting cigarette. Therefore, one must understand that smoking cigarettes is a bad habit and giving up smoking is not impossible.