Symptoms Of Giving Up Smoking

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Addiction of nicotine is one of the worst addictions and it is considered a tough task to get rid of the habit of smoking. But, with new techniques and treatments, there are many ways which can make the task of quitting cigarette achievable. There are many symptoms of giving up smoking that one has to face after taking resolution to stop smoking. Our body is addicted to nicotine and these symptoms are called nicotine withdrawal symptoms. For more information on nicotine withdrawal symptom read Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms.

These symptoms include irritability or aggression, depression, restlessness, poor concentration, increased appetite, light-headedness, sleepless nights and craving for nicotine. Its not necessary that everyone quitting cigarette would face all these symptoms. It may differ from person to person. But, most of the symptoms will be there. So, it is advised to know about the symptoms before taking decision to quit smoking cigarettes. This will make a person ready to face the temporary after effects of quit smoking.

It is important to deal perfectly with the symptoms after you quit smoking. You should be determined enough to be firm on your decision. You should not start smoking again when you feel urge to smoke. You can use nicotine replacement products and Hypnotherapy because they work as a stop smoking help. Join any smoking cessation program and get the positive results.