Symptoms To Expect Weeks After You Quit Smoking

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The first few weeks are the toughest for a smoker who has decided to quit smoking. This is the time when his body is not able to cope up without nicotine. But, after some months his body becomes comfortable with new lifestyle. But, during first few weeks a person faces many nicotine withdrawal symptoms which are hard to manage unless and until he is prepared for them. For more information on nicotine withdrawal symptoms, read Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms.
Nicotine is an addictive drug found in tobacco. Sudden giving up of tobacco may lead to many problems like headache, insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration and craving for cigarette. Nicotine makes our body dependent on it and a smoker finds it difficult to stay away from it. So, it is advised to be firm in your decision to quit smoking. Once you are able to sustain yourself for first few weeks successfully then you will surely turn out be victorious in quiting smoking.

Leave smoking and get benefits of quitting smoking. Once you are able to do so, motivate others to do the same. Join smoking cessation programs that works as a big stop smoking help. These programs will teach you how to quit smoking.