What Are Side Effects When You Stop Smoking

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What are side effects when you stop smoking? Or are there any particular side effects that you may have to face when you quit smoking? Here you will find some interesting facts related to "what are side effects when you stop smoking". Each habit has its pros and cons. Smoking is also one such habit. Information regarding its ill effects are endless but you will hardly find any matter on the side effects of quitting smoking. For more information on pros and cons of smoking, read The Pros And Cons Of Smoking.

Some people are extremely worried about side effects of stopping smoking. This is one of the big reasons which stop people from quitting smoking. Actually, smokers don't want to quit smoking and they look for some wired reasons to believe that smoking is better option then quitting it. Some so called side effects of quitting smoking are headache, insomnia, lack of concentration, drowsiness, increased appetite, weight gain and cough. But, most of these problems disappear after some time. These symptoms appear because our body is addicted to nicotine and when its supply is cut then it starts feeling uneasy. Weight gain happens because smoking burns calories and after smoking cessation, you will gain weight. But, it is not tough to lose weight.

So, you must think of adverse effects of smoking cigarettes and move ahead towards stop smoking. There are many anti tobacco programs. You must join one and get to know the truth about smoking.