What Causes Cough After Smoking Cessation

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??? "What causes cough after smoking cessation" is the main ???query which everyone wants to know about. People search a lot about it ???on internet, but are not satisfied with the results. Here you will find ???answer to "what causes cough after smoking cessation". There are many ???symptoms which arise after smoking cessation. These symptoms are known ???as nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Coughing is one of the main symptoms ???one faces after quitting smoking. For more information on withdrawal ???symptoms, read Nicotine ???Withdrawal Symptoms: What to Expect.

The ???reason behind cough after a person stops smoking cigarette is repairing ???of cilia. Our respiratory system is covered by cilia which filters all ???the impurities which we breathe. But, they are damaged because of ???cigarette smoking. Once a person quit smoking, cilia begins to recover ???on its on own. This causes cough. This cough is a good sign which shows ???that our body is recovering after we have quit smoking. Recovering ???process takes different time in different people. But, if cough lasts ???for more than some weeks then you must consult a doctor.

So, be ???prepared for the withdrawal symptoms after giving up smoking. But, be ???firm in your decision and make sure that quitting smoking is not ???impossible. Use different ways to stop smoking and enjoy benefits of ???quitting smoking, you can also take help by joining cession programs. It ???can be a good stop smoking help as you will come to know how to quit. ??