Withdrawal Effects Of Giving Up Smoking

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Withdrawal effects of giving up smoking surface almost immediately after you have called it quits. During the initial phase the effects may present themselves in an intense shape. But, there is no need to worry much about it. These effects subside as time passes.

The symptoms show themselves in many disparate shapes and garbs. Though they are basically physical, the root cause of them lies in the psychology of the person concerned. Within 20 minutes of giving up smoking, the effects begin to appear. They are temporary physical ailments?both real and perceived. You will feel your mouth getting drier by the minute. Your anxiety level may increase and you may find yourself more irritable than before. You will have to bear with sporadic bouts of dizziness. The dizziness and the light-headedness are the outcomes of the increased supply of oxygen to your system. Your body will get used to the increased oxygen within the span of two or three days and the dizziness will go. Dry throat and the expulsion of mucus are two of the main signs of withdrawal. You may be worried at the rate of mucus outflow but this is hardly a dangerous thing. This is actually a proof of the system mending itself.

Following quitting cigarettes, you may find falling asleep and staying asleep problematic. This insomnia is a temporary phenomenon, which lasts for a week or two. The concentration level may dip a bit. You may feel tired and fatigued all the time and your hunger increases considerably. Depression is another powerful aspect of the withdrawal symptoms. In some cases relating to younger smokers, suicidal tendencies are also reported sometimes. Constipation is another salient aspect which is observed during the immediate aftermath. This happens because we grow a particular habit of smoking which we think to be of help for our daily bowel movements. So, we face problems for the first few days. However, this is largely psychological and the constipation goes away after the first week of shunning smoking.