Stop Smoking Devices Inhaler

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There are various devices and medicines available to help people quit smoking. These are available in both over the counter and prescription form. Inhalers, gums and packs are examples of some of the easy to use devices.

Nicotine inhalers, nasal sprays, gums and patches form a part of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nasal inhalers and? sprays are the costliest forms of this treatment. These can be used as stand alone treatments or can be combined with other forms of therapy. Inhalers and patches can be bought only with a prescription of a medical practitioner. Nicotine gums are usually available over the counter.

Inhalers were invented in 1998. Inhalers deliver nicotine in a lesser amount than cigarettes.? They are very convenient to use and do not have the residual tar and toxins found in cigarette smoke.

In an inhaler a small nicotine cartridge is placed inside the inhaler. A person is supposed to inhale it deeply.? The vapor is? absorbed? by the mucous membrane in the throat and mouth.? The vapor does not reach the lungs. Nicotine is more harmful when absorbed directly by the lungs. This therapy spans a period of about six months during which several inhalers are needed. In the first month maximum number of inhalers is required and the need slowly declines over a period of time.

Inhalers work best for those people who are addicted not just to the cigarette, but? also the pleasure of lighting up and holding their cigarette. An inhaler is shaped in the form of a cigarette. Nicotine inhalers have been approved by the FDA and are considered to provide the smokers with the comfort of the ?hand to mouth ritual?.

Some companies claim that to quit cold turkey is the most difficultway to stop smoking. They claim that nicotine inhalers help people make that transition from several packs a day to several puffs from their inhaler a day. Eventually a person is able quit? smoking for good. This is controversial and not proven by medical research. As a matter of fact, inhalers may become addictive as well.

Some inhalers use a natural herb called lobelia as a? nicotine substitute. Lobelia is a stimulant which is not as addictive as? nicotine, but does cut down the nicotine craving.

Inhalers have certain disadvantages. They may cause coughing and irritation of the mucous lining in the mouth and throat. They are not recommended for? pregnant women and people with cardiac problems.. Keep inhalers out of the reach of children as nicotine exposure could be harmful to them.