Quit Smoking Lozenges

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The quit smoking lozenges are the newest form of nicotine substitutes available in the market. The lozenge looks like any other and is available in potencies of? 2mg and 4mg. The recommended potency depends on the? need and addiction level of the smoker.

The lozenges should be used as per a twelve week program.

As per the recommended dosage 1 lozenge should be used every 1 to 2 hours during the first six weeks. After this period, the gap between dosages should be increased from 2 to 4 hours for the next 3 weeks.

During the final 3 weeks, the smoker should be able to sustain nicotine craving for longer periods of time and should need to take a single lozenge once every 4 to 8 hours.

There are certain precautions that need to be taken along during this program

*Tobacco, in any form should not be used..
*No food or drink at least 15 minutes before taking a lozenge..
*The lozenge is to be sucked, and not chewed.
*Not more than 20 lozenges in a day and 5 lozenges every 6 hours are to be consumed.
*Stop using the lozenges after 12 weeks.

The smoker may suffer from certain side effects such as insomnia,, nausea, hiccups, coughing, heartburn, headache or acidity and flatulence. This would depend very much upon the smoker?s constitution and the dosage of lozenges

Medical opinion also states that these lozenges do not help a smoker to quit, but is a crutch that the smoker can lean on when the smoker is in a place where smoking is prohibited. These are special kind of smokeless tobacco; therefore the FDA (Food and Drug Association) does not approve or disapprove of? nicotine lozenges as no field trials have ever been performed for this product.

Nevertheless, These lozenges are a good nicotine substitute and can be used successfully to quit smoking. In the final analysis it is the resolve and determination of the smoker to quit the habit which matters.