All That You Wanted To Know About Nicotine Gums

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Many smokers make use of various smoking cessation aids when they are trying to give up smoking. Amidst various other smoking cessation aids, nicotine gums are the most popular. They are a type of chewing gum that delivers nicotine to the body and helps deal with cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Using nicotine gums
In case you are considering using nicotine gums, it is important that you stop smoking completely before you switch. Chew the gum slowly for a period of 30 minutes or more. This will help release all the nicotine present in the gum.

During the first month of smoking cessation, you can consume ten to twelve pieces of these gums per day. The consumption of these gums should reduce after the first month of cessation. Under no circumstances, should you use more than 30 pieces of these gums every day.

Safety status
Nicotine gums are not 100 % safe. Since they deliver nicotine to your body, they come with certain side effects. You may have to deal with mouth sores, pain in the jaw muscles, increased saliva production and headaches. However, these symptoms wither away as you become used to these nicotine gums.

Using nicotine gums over a prolonged time period can result in gum diseases and hair loss. If you experience an allergic reaction like skin rash, swelling, breathing trouble and the like on using these gums, make sure that you consult the doctor at the earliest.

These nicotine gums can be easily purchased over the counter, at any drug store. Though there are several options in nicotine gums, here are the best choices.

* Nicorette- This is one of the most popular choices in nicotine gums. Nicorette nicotine gums are available in various flavors such as fresh mint, ice mint and cinnamon surge. Each flavor is available in 2 mg and 4 mg packages for the convenience of the user.
* Equate nicotine gum- If you are a chain smoker, then this one is a good choice. It is known to be highly effective. It not just manages your cravings but withdrawal symptoms as well. You can buy this one at an affordable price of $35.99.
* Walgreens nicotine gums- Available in a fresh minty flavor, this one is also a popular option amidst those who are trying to quit smoking. It uses Nicotine Polacrilex as the primary ingredient. Priced at $49.99, it is slightly expensive.

Not the best option
While nicotine gums may help manage your cigarette cravings, they can cause addiction as well. Many smokers tend to fall dependent on these nicotine gums in the process of quitting smoking. Thus, they only leave one addiction for the other. So, nicotine gums are not the best option for anyone who wants to quit smoking. It would be better to look for other smoking cessation aids.