Nicotine Lozenges- Quick Action Candies

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Nicotine lozenge is a sugarless candy imbued with nicotine and used for helping smokers quit tobacco products. The lozenge works similar to nicotine gum and other oral nicotine replacements therapy products. As the lozenge is sucked, a steady amount of nicotine is released and absorbed by the inner lining of the mouth. Since nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream faster through the mouth than the skin, the dosage of nicotine lozenge can be controlled as per need.

Nicotine lozenge comes in 2 mg and 4 mg strengths. A 2 mg lozenge is roughly equivalent to 1 cigarette. Heavy smokers should start with 4 mg lozenges.

How to use nicotine lozenge:

Place a nicotine lozenge in the mouth and suck slowly until the peppery taste of nicotine is noticed. Park the lozenge between your cheek and gums as long as the taste of nicotine remains in the mouth. When you no longer feel nicotine in the mouth, start sucking the lozenge again. Repeat the process until there is no more nicotine left in the lozenge. Typically a nicotine lozenge can be sucked for 20 to 30 minutes.

Do not eat or drink 15 minutes before and after the use of nicotine lozenge.

Heavy smokers need to suck the lozenge every hour throughout the day. Reduce the dosage to once every two hours after some weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, you should be fine with one or two lozenges every 24 hours.


The nicotine from the lozenge is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore the dosage can be easily controlled to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Cravings can be managed and brought to nil after a few weeks of use. Use of nicotine lozenge doubles the chances of smokers successfully quitting the habit of smoking.

Nicotine lozenge is handy and easy to use. It is inconspicuous and can be readily used by those who wish to conceal their habit. It comes in various flavors and free of sugar.


Nicotine lozenge may cause soreness of the gums and throat, and may stick to the teeth or dentures. Indigestion and heartburn could be caused if the lozenge is not used correctly. Side effects do not usually persist for more than a few days, but you should consult a doctor if they do not subside.


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Nicotine lozenges are safe if the directions of use are followed. No more than 20 lozenges should be consumed in 24 hours. Large amounts of saliva containing nicotine should not be gulped as it may cause constriction of the throat.

Nicotine lozenges look like candies and must be kept strictly out of bounds from children and pets.