Drawing On a Supply of Nicotine from a Patch

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Nicotine patches help smokers quit their addiction to smoking. They are patches to be applied on the skin through which a steady stream of nicotine is released into the blood. Typically nicotine patches come in dosages of 21, 14 and 7 milligrams. A 21 milligram nicotine patch is equivalent to a pack of 20 cigarettes. Each patch is to be applied for a 24-hour duration. Depending on the level of addiction, smokers start with higher dosages and reduce them after a few weeks.

How to use a nicotine patch:

1.?? ?Remove the patch from the protective cover.
2.?? ?Stick it onto a clean and dry area of the skin on the upper body - like arms or the side of the trunk. Be sure not to stick the patch on hairy areas, else it will be painful to remove.
3.?? ?Press the patch against the skin for a few seconds.
4.?? ?Wash your hands thoroughly as nicotine may get into the eyes and cause stinging.
5.?? ?Keep it on for 24 hours or you can remove it at bedtime.
6.?? ?Dispose off the old patch and do not let children and pets get into contact with it.
7.?? ?Apply the patches to different areas of the skin each day to avoid irritation.


Nicotine patches deliver a constant flow of nicotine into the blood throughout the day thus eliminating the urge to smoke. Once the habit of smoking is broken, the nicotine patches can be tapered off. Since the patches are available in various doses a lot of flexibility is achieved. Nicotine patches are available without prescription. Patches can be worn even during a shower as water does not harm them.


Side effects of nicotine patches include itching, swelling, tingling, dizziness and unsound sleep. If disturbances in sleep persist, it is advisable to remove the patch at bedtime. A doctor should be consulted if the side effects worsen.

Brands and cost:

Nicotine patches come in several well-known brands like NicoDerm CQ, Nicotrol, Habitrol, Rite Aid, ProStep and many more. They are all fairly comparable in efficacy and cost. Each nicotine patch costs anything from $3 to $4. Heavy smokers will find these patches less expensive than cigarettes. Sometimes you can even get subsidies on nicotine patches.


When you wear a nicotine patch, you have to strictly stay away from smoking because an excess of nicotine in the bloodstream causes severe health problems potentially leading to death. Removing the patch for a smoke does not help as the nicotine stays in the blood for hours together. Abstain from any other form of tobacco consumption during the period of de-addiction.