Stop Smoking Programs

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When you began smoking, your many friends encouraged you. Go ahead, enjoy life, inhale deeply---and all that. After decades of suffering, when you wish to quit smoking, you find yourself all alone. Nicotine is such a powerful addiction, it has capacity to subdue the good advice of your family members, to help you to quit smoking. Assuming you receive support now from all expected quarters in the quitting process, yet you are alone. That internal loneliness, and silent suffering! In such a situation, smoking programs are worth the try.

It is a very strange situation. You know, that you are going to get afflicted with lung cancer and the chances of heart attacks are real. Yet, the power of nicotine makes you to extend invitation to death.

The damages nicotine does to your body----if they are one, two,, or three, I can count them for you. Each and every part of your body, each and every system, each and every molecule of your human equipment, suffers damage. Do you, therefore have any other alternative but to quit smoking, presently by joining some quit smoking program?

There are many quit smoking programs available in the market today. But there is no foolproof program applicable to smokers in a general way. Each case is special. The response of the individual varies, depending upon the case. While you take decision to follow a particular program, in consultation with your doctor, think from all the angles. Whether it will help you or cause more damage. For,many medications have strong side effects.

Remember, this point very clearly. The foundation stone of any of the quit smoking program that you adopt, is your strong will power. Your final goal is to break your chemical dependency to nicotine. If you are able to get a breakthrough to the impregnable nicotine fort, the battle is as good as won.

What could be the beginning of your quit smoking program? It may be anything. A patch, a pill, potion or gum. You have enough knowledge in theory, as to why you should quit smoking. Your though process as regard smoking has changed. Now your action process needs to change.

Nicotine is not as dangerous, as it actually pretends to be. The addiction is 80% psychological and 20% psychological. Which means, you need to drastically change your thought pattern as to why you should quit smoking. When your thoughts are changed, the mind is changed. When the mind is changed, the man is changed. The changed individual like you, will never smoke.

The ultimate ambition of the nicotine is to kill you. Don't doubt it. Therefore, give it the surprise attack. Ambush it, and finish it once for all.