Benefits Of Establishing Smoke-Free Zones In Your Environment

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When you are addicted to smoking, there are several associations that are used in relation to having a cigarette. One of the large associations is the environments that you created to support your smoking need. When you decide to quit smoking, establishing smoke-free zones will help you to stop your habit. Having the right environment to quit smoking is a way to give yourself the support that you need to stop smoking.

?One of the zones that you can create to help with a smoke-free environment is in your kitchen. When you decide to quit smoking, toxins and chemicals will begin to move outside of your body. You will need to balance this with the right kinds of foods that will help to move the toxins outside of your body and allow vitamins and nutrients to become part of your diet. Multi-vitamins and healthy snacks will help your body to get the fuels that it needs in order to begin changing your body. Often times, smoking will cause your body to become sick, as the vitamins and other parts of your body are being normalized, which your body is not used to anymore. Make sure that part of your environment is allowing yourself time to get extra rest and let your body rejuvenate.

If you have certain places that you associated with smoking, then these can be changed to help with breaking your habit. One of the places where many smoke is in the car. You can keep water, candies and gum in your car in order to get through withdrawal periods. You can put these in the same places where you kept your cigarettes to help change your associations. If you know that part of your smoking habit was in relation to the physical sensation, then you can keep straws, lollipops and cinnamon sticks at your disposal to chew on and relieve the physical craving. If you have other places in your home or outside of your home that you associate with smoking, you can place these other tools there to help you fight your cravings.

One of the things that will help you to remain smoke free is by continuing to educate yourself and make tools for yourself, such as a quit smoking journal. If you constantly remind yourself why you are quitting through gaining knowledge and allowing yourself time to gain insights, it will help to establish and maintain a smoke-free zone. Giving yourself time to read books about the effects of smoking, and doing things that will remind you why you decided to quit will help in the process of you not smoking. Several will keep a list of why they decided to quit smoking and periodically look at it to remind them not to relapse.

Smoking is often related to calming down stressful or hard emotional situations. If you are angry, sad, or stressed, your first reaction may be to get a cigarette. Creating a smoke-free environment means placing substitutes around your home to replace the cigarette habit. Having good music on hand, creating spaces for meditation and relaxation, finding stress relievers, and creating peaceful places in your environment to replace your emotions will all help you to keep being smoke-free.

If you are having anxiety and withdrawal symptoms, sometimes the best solution is to take yourself out of the environment. An easy way to do this is to go for a walk outside of your home, allowing your energy to be used in a different way. Another way of taking yourself out of the environment is to simply stop what you are doing in your environment, and simply concentrate on breathing deeply or on something that is peaceful to you. This will help to calm the anxiety that you feel and bring you back to focusing on your life instead of the cigarette cravings.

Because cigarettes are a habit, the best way to fight them and create a smoke free environment is to find ways to substitute the habit. Changing your habits with eating, and creating spaces around you to fight against the urge to smoke will all help your environment to be a way to support yourself when you decide to quit smoking.