Dire Consequences of Smoking

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This is a known fact that heavy smoking brings with itself the grave danger of lung cancer, but there are other health disorders too. These consequences may not be as deadly as cancer, but quite enough to give you sleepless nights. Some of the common consequences of smoking are-

1. Pale Skin- Smoking tobacco is known to narrow down the blood vessels, with the deposition of the products produced due to the combustion of tobacco. Thus a restricted blood vessel is unable to carry enough oxygen and essential nutrients to the body parts and thus to the skin. This gives a pale and a dull look to the skin of chain smokers. Also, smoking can lead to a negative skin condition known as Psoriasis, which is marked with rashes all over the body.

2. Susceptible to frequent illnesses- Smokers are more prone to common diseases and disorders like asthma, common cold, flues, pneumonia, bronchitis and fever, among others. Smoking is known to worsen asthmatic conditions in people. The reason is a known fact. Smoking affects immunity of the body as not enough nutrition is able to reach the body parts due to nicotine deposition. The body loses its strength day by day, and falls prey to several viral and bacterial attacks.

3. Bad Breath- This is a problem that is quite prominent among chain smokers. They suffer from a disorder known as halitosis, which is characterized by persistent bad breath. Even after proper brushing and mouth cleaning the smell of tobacco does not leaves one?s mouth. Also teeth of such people become discolored. This is due to the damaging effect of tobacco and other products produced from the smoke on the enamel, which is the outermost layer of a tooth.

4. Slow healing time- Chain smoking also has a negative effect on the overall development of the body. It restricts the development of collagen, which is a fibrous protein in the bones and cartilages. Thus, healing from injuries or bone cracking takes a longer time.

5. Bad smell in hair and clothes- People who chain smoke not only suffer from bad oral breath but they also carry a stale smell all round them, be it be their house, their clothes, their hair, or any product possessed by them. This makes them a total turn-off in social gatherings.

6. Reduced energy in the body- Smoking reduces one?s ability to perform active physical work. This is again due to poor oxygen supply in the body and also due to poor metabolism rate.