Passive Smoking Could Lead to Various Diseases

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It is a common misconception that active smoking is the only way through which one contracts life-threatening respiratory and heart diseases. Passive smoking too can cause almost the same amount of harm as caused by active smoking.

How Do We Passively Smoke?

Some of us might feel surprised when told that they too smoke passively. Against their vehement denial the fact can not be rejected that there are as many passive smokers in the world as there are active smokers. In fact, everybody who is in the vicinity of a smoker stands a chance of becoming a passive smoker. The tobacco smoke which they exhale gets sucked in by non-smokers around, who end up 'passively' smoking tobacco.

Diseases Caused by Passive Smoking
The most common diseases caused by passive smoking include the following ailments:

* Asthma: The chances of developing asthma in passive smokers are as high as it in active smokers. Those who are already suffering from asthma and are passively smoking tobacco may find their condition worsening.

* Ear Infection: Passive smokers face an active risk of developing ear infection in comparison to regular tobacco smokers.

* Lung Cancer: Passive smokers face the same amount of risk of developing lung cancer and other types of respiratory diseases (such as pneumonia and bronchitis) as faced by active tobacco smokers.

* Heart problems: Despite the low residual content in the smoke exhaled by tobacco smokers, the level of particle residue is still high enough to cause heart related problems in passive smokers.

* Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Pregnant mothers who passively smoke tobacco fumes face an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

* Low Birth Weight: Another complication which pregnant mothers passively smoking tobacco can show is giving birth to children with less than average birth weight. Low birth weight of new born babies can be an extremely dangerous risk to their lives.

* Stillbirths: The chances of giving birth to stillborn babies increase all the more if pregnant women are passively smoking tobacco.

How to Avoid Passive Smoking
Passive smoking of tobacco can be avoided in the following three ways:

* If your partner smokes tobacco then you can ask him/her not to smoke when you are around or to go outside and smoke.
* Public places are the most vulnerable places for people who do not smoke. However, recent legislations have barred smokers from smoking in public places. Despite the ban, the best way in which passive smoking in public places can be avoided is by placing a wet handkerchief on your nose.
* You can use portable air cleaning systems inside your home to make the atmosphere free of tobacco smoke.