Pipes Are Safe; Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health!

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There is a wise saying, ?Known devil is better than the unknown angel.? The unending controversy between the smokers, whether cigarette smoking is better or pipe smoking is better may not be of academic interest to the non-smoking community, apart from its entertainment value. Just mention the word ?pipe? with any pipe-smoker and be a patient listener to the facts and figures that he is going to reel out to you in defense of pipe-smoking.

The above-mentioned saying is to be noted by cigarette smokers. Do not be taken in by the spectacular beauty of the pipes and be contented with your existing misery. No doubt, the beauty and workmanship of some of the pipes is breath taking... indeed it is ?bent upon taking out your breath? sooner or later. Its craftsmanship is not going to make you live longer. But there is every likelihood of its contents shortening your life!

Clay is one of the earliest and finest materials used to design, develop and construct smoking pipes. Such pipes used to be heavy in weight. But modern technology has influenced smoking pipe manufacturing units as well. Very useful pipes, very unique in design, lightweight and comfortable are available in the market, and they are made of the stuff of the finest hand selected Grecian Plateaux briar.

Pipe-smoking is a matter of dignity and supposed to be the symbol of high status. How does the sight of hot ashes spilling out from the pipes look like? Of course majestic!

Pipe smokers always compare themselves to cigarette-smokers and not to non-smokers. They are confident that their system of smoking is less dangerous to human health than cigarette-smoking, nevertheless dangerous!

To start with, they argue about the difference between cigar tobacco and pipe tobacco. According to them, any tobacco can be cigar tobacco, where as pipes demand special and costly varieties!

Moreover, the society reveres the pipe smoker more than the cigarette smoker! Due to the relentless campaign against smoking, the prohibited zones of smoking are increasing fast. You have to just throw the cigarette out, before entering a ?no smoking? zone. If you have a pipe, you need not throw it out! Just place the pipe in a coat pocket. Your problem is solved, and your loss is minimized!

Another operational advantage! The nicotine that you inhale deep, while smoking the cigarette is the real damage causing activity. The inhaling process is less intense, while smoking a pipe. Since the flavor part in pipes is intense, it is itself joy-giving and there is no necessity to transport the smoke into your lungs. Moral of the story: Pipes are safe; cigarette smoking is injurious to health!

Now, to talk about the structural advantage: In pipes, no nitrate paper is used. Pipe tobacco contains much less additives. Once again pipe scores over cigarette smoking!

Both are damaging to human health- doubt it not, in spite of hearing lesser evil and more evil arguments!