Skin Effects After Stopping Smoking

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Smoking affects all the parts and organs of our body. So, when the smoker gives up the habit, every part of our body is benefited from it. Skin is one of the most prominent beneficiaries. Smoking dries up the skin which, eventually leads to skin cracking and breaking. This usually results in premature aging. If you continue smoking for long, by the time you reach your fifties, you may be a pretty old guy.

Smoking affects the skin in a big way. It makes the skin look dry and sapless. So, smokers usually look older than their real age. That is why teenagers take to smoking in the first place. During the teens, people endeavor to achieve an older look. They resort to smoking to attain the desired end. Tragically, the habit lingers and later becomes an indispensable part of life.

Smoking decreases the amount of blood supplied to your skin. The skin cells become vulnerable and tend to get dried up. The elasticity of the skin is reduced to a considerable extent. It propels premature wrinkling. After giving up smoking, the oxygen supply to your skin increases by a big margin. Gradually the original contour of the skin comes back.

Stopping smoking affects our skin in a very positive manner. After sometime, the color and the tone of the skin get vastly improved. The wrinkles which one gets by narrowing the eyes and puckering the mouth while dragging a puff vanish without a trace. The skin becomes more supple and fresh. The increased amount of oxygen works wonders in more ways than one. It helps the skin in retaining the moisture. After stopping smoking, the skin never goes back to the former dry shape. Wrinkles are cured and the whole body gets rejuvenated on the exterior. Stopping smoking can also prevent psoriasis, which is an extremely ugly and uncomfortable chronic skin ailment. Thus, one can see that stopping smoking skin effects are many and all of them are positive changes.