Smoking Causes Many Types Of Cancers In Women!

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The revelations about woman smokers will give you a jolt. As for men, the smoking related deaths like lung cancer are on the decrease, and for women it is on the increase. A woman loses, on an average, 15 years of her life whereas a man loses just over 13 years to a butt of cigarette.

In the early 20th century, lung cancer in women was virtually unknown. Women rarely took to smoking. The Satan of tobacco industry began to target the women for their dirty profit game and they succeeded in their sinister campaigns. They picked up huge profits, by destroying the health of women!

In 1964, the Surgeon General woke up to tell you the startling facts in his report on Smoking and Health. By that time the smoking habit had engulfed over 45% of the women all over. The media campaign launched by the Health Authorities had the desired results, women began to beat the retreat in post haste and the profits of the industry began to fall. Men too gave up the smoking habit as a result of this campaign. But the marketing strategists of tobacco industry would not give up. Their marketing campaign was now directly addressed to women!

More suffering awaited women as the result of smoking. Lung cancer outdid breast cancer by 1987. As on date, more women die due to lung cancer alone, than the deaths due to uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer put together! Women get lung cancer at young ages, and they are more prone to this malady than men!

What indeed are the sufferings the women have to undergo, before being cornered by the lung cancer finally! They will suffer chest pain, coughing up blood, weight loss and loss of appetite, frequent attacks of bronchitis or pneumonia, hoarseness, fever with unknown cause and breathing problems. The self-torture women have to undergo on account of the smoking habit is heart-breaking, before the actual heart attack!

It is unfortunate, the powers that are, remain mute to this ruthless killings, and the tobacco manufacturers are allowed to sell their deadly products by merely printing a warning on the package of the cigarettes, ?Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health.?

There is another startling, and horrifying revelation by the researchers and scientists. Using birth control pills and smoking are the double tragedies for women?the risk of heart attacks in such women is very high.

It is safe to conclude with a general statement that smoking causes many types of cancers in women. Smoking is not only dangerous for women; it is more dangerous for the coming generation. The risks of stillbirths, premature births and miscarriages are high for the smoking woman. Smoking also hastens the aging process in women!