What Smoking really Does To Your Lungs?

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Smoking affects your body. It increases the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke. Smoking does not choose the victims. Smoking has no love for class gender or race. Smoking attacks everyone. To top it all, cigarette smoke makes no distinction between? smoker and non smoker.

Cigarette Smoking generates second hand smoke. Unlike first hand smokers, who smoke willingly, second hand smokers inhale second hand smoke unwillingly.? Second hand smokers are smokers who passively breathe the smoke that comes out of the tip of a cigarette or that which smokers exhale. Second hand smoke is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette. Second hand smokers tend to be exposed to much more smoke than cigarette smokers do.

Smoking is harmful to body. It is extremely? dangerous for the lungs, airways and respiratory tract. Cigarette smoke contains dangerous smoke that enters your body via the lungs. It contains dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar amongst 4000 other chemicals and substances, some of them known to be carcinogenic.

The lungs have minute hair like structure called Cilia. It is the function of Cilia to filter or block harmful dirt and other. Tar is dangerous. It sticks to the Cilia. It damages the Cilia. As a result dirt accumulates and irritates the linings of the lungs. This results in the generation of mucus.
?This is the reason smokers cough a lot. They cough to expel the mucus from the lungs The people who do not smoke do not cough much. There cilia are in perfect condition.

Smoking enlarges the cells that produce mucus in lungs and airways. The mucus increases and becomes thick with time. This irritates your lungs and airways. This also narrows the airways and reduces the airflow. Smoking also causes irreversible damage to the lungs in the form of a disease called emphysema.

The list goes on and on. Many of the damages caused by cigarette smoking are irreversible. The lungs serve a very important function. Let us take steps to curb this menace and protect not only our lungs but also our lives.