Your role in preventing smoking related diseases

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Smoking accounts for nearly seventy two thousand cases of illnesses and eighty eight hundred deaths, per year, in the state of Arizona. If this cost is measured in economic terms it is not less than three billion dollars.

Estimates shows in US that 20 percent of female and? 26 percent of male smoke cigarettes. This data is very close to Arizona's own? estimates of 20 percent of women and 27 per cent of men as cigarette smokers.

A non smoker feels helpless while observing these statistics.? However, if individuals are? conscious about health care and want to participate in spreading awareness about the ill effects of smoking, their support can be vital in the anti smoking mission.

If smokers are warned at the right time, serious side effects and illness can be prevented.

When ever you talk to a smoker consider these points.

1. Find about the number of cigarettes smoked in a day.
2. Tell the smoker about the health benefits they will have after leaving cigarette smoking.
3. Try to find out the willingness of the smoker to quit smoking.
4. With the smoker?s willingness try to determine a solution to help the smoker quit.
5. Provide any further assistance.

The campaign volunteers can advise and provide the smokers the help line numbers where counseling is done for dealing with smokers who find it difficult to quit. The help line numbers are Arizona Smokers? Helpline, 1.800.556.6222.

The telephonic service helps smokers to recognize their real problem and enable them to find its appropriate solution, specifically designed for them.

'' is website which is specially designed for smokers trying to free from their poor smoking habit.

A reduction in the smoker?s population will reduce the ill effects of tobacco smoke to the environment. It will also reduce the ill effects of passive smoking which lots of innocent non smokers have to endure.?