Anti Smoking Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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Giving up smoking is no easy task. And, if it is one of your loved ones who is trying to quit smoking, giving them a gift to mark their achievement is a great way to show your appreciation.

Certify the achievement- Giving anti smoking gifts can go a long way in providing encouragement and support for those trying to kick the habit. There are several options available for you to choose from. One of the most popular anti smoking gift is undoubtedly the gift certificate. Most online anti smoking sites offer gift certificates in a variety of denominations which can be later redeemed at the site in question.

Say it the comic way- For those who would like to send their message across with wit, there's always the option of getting the recovering smoker or ex-smoker a series of inspiring cartoon prints depicting cartoon figures discussing the ill effects of smoking in a comical way.

Say it loud and clear- If you would like to get your message out loud and clear, there are a number of other non smoking paraphernalia bound to light up the most regretful ex/recovering smoker. Look for online websites which offer items such as quit smoking t-shirts, stickers, buttons, mugs, art and posters, cards and calendars. With variety to suit all sensibilities, you are bound to find something for even the most discerning of people.

Books say it all-If the person in question requires encouragement in the printed form, then by all means, a book outlining the many evils of smoking and it's solution is your best bet. There are several self help books which directly target the smoking population to provide them with options on how to quit smoking. These books underline the importance of doing away with the vice and also offer tips on how to embrace a healthier lifestyle without any nicotine cravings to dampen the day. For those who are more technology savvy, an anti smoking CD or clip download could be just as helpful to provide the relevant information.

Money is the incentive- To motivate someone to quit smoking, the ideal gift would include a quit smoking incentive box where they can keep the money they save from not buying cigarettes anymore. Once the habit is completely cured, the money saved can be used to buy a brand new gift which would automatically be accompanied by the memory of something good- that is giving up smoking.

A gift basket- If you wish to encourage someone who wants to quit smoking then gift them an all purpose quit smoking basket- which comes with a whole gamut of stuff including imagery CDs which promote anti smoking along with healthy snacks to help relax the body and cut down on stress.

Whatever you choose to gift to a person who wants to quit smoking, the encouragement and appreciation that come with the gift is always of much importance and will always be cherished by the receiver.