Smoking Accessories: An Overview

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A list of smoking accessories is a small scale domain, supporting the large scale destructive domain of tobacco. Any businessman does business for profit and not for charity. Even the butcher, who kills animals, will, instead of admitting to the killing, would say that he supplies the protein content to the hungry humanity. Those manufacturing smoking accessories, therefore, say that we manufacture products, for years and years of smoking pleasure! The mention of years is a touchy subject for the smoker, for it disturbs his psyche, if he had a heart attack recently, howsoever mild it may be!

The smoking accessories available in the market are many. Bongs, water bongs, glass pipes, smoking gadgets, rolling papers, lighters, hookahs, high quality and beautifully designed pipes, not to forget those hundreds of designs of ashtrays! Until recently, ashtray at every reception room has been a welcome symbol. Not anymore, with the rise in the no-smoking zones.

Is hookah, a traditional smoking accessory, less damaging to health? It is a strong belief among the rural masses in India, where it is mostly used, even though it has not been scientifically proved.When the smoke passing over the water portion of the hookah, is supposed to tame the nicotine content of the tobacco and therefore, not damaging to the health of the smoker.

The principle involved is, when smoke is inhaled, nicotine is transported deep into the lungs which is then immediately absorbed into the blood stream and carried throughout the body. Since hookah will minimize such a possibility to a great extent, it is believed to be a safe smoking accessory!