Stop Smoking Now! ? Start reaping the benefits from today

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Smoking is a very bad habit. It becomes very difficult to break this habit with the passage of time. In the past, I saw a man heaving a sigh of relief. His son had quit smoking but it was already too late. He had lost all his vitality. Vital capacity, in medical terminology, means the quantity of air you take in each breath. It is advisable to quit smoking at the right time. This will regain the vital capacity of the person.

Vital capacity is measured as you take a deep breath and blow it out. The more deep breath you take, the more your lungs get shrunk. The doctor will measure the volume of the air thrown out on the particular device. As you keep on smoking over a period of time, your vital capacity comes down. A stage reaches when the lungs capacity to expand is reduced. Thus the lungs cannot draw sufficient oxygen from the air. This is the prime reason for many diseases which are induced by? smoking. It is really advisable to stop smoking at the right time unless it becomes too late.

Cigarette smoking leads to higher risk of heart attack. There can be a sudden cardiac arrest because of smoking. Smokers are more prone to strokes. A number of strokes which occur on a daily basis are on account of smoking. As per the stunning revelation of the cancer society, blood pressure returns to normal within 15 minutes after you stop smoking. It takes 8 more hours, for the carbon monoxide levels to drop to normal. This is replaced by normal fresh oxygen levels. In the next 24 hours, there is decrease in heart attack chances.

As you leave smoking, the nerve endings narrow within the next 48 hours. You can smell and taste in a better way. In 2 weeks to three months, after you leave cigarettes, lungs function in a proper manner. Their capacity goes up by? 30 percent. In the next 9 months, your sinus and throat heal. Excess risk of heart attack decreases within the next one year. Chances of death on account of lung cancer are reduced in the next five years and are totally eliminated in the next 10 years. The chances of death due to coronary heart disease are totally eliminated after 15 years.