Help Your Teen Stop Smoking

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It becomes a frightening situation for you in case you find that your child is addicted to smoking cigarettes. You have realized the bad effects of smoking as an adult. As a teenager, your child may not be able to realize the same thing. As an adult, you find it extremely distressing that your teenaged child is smoking.

The fact of the matter is that you do not want any thing bad to happen to your teen age child, and want that the child quit smoking. You are aware of the fact that your child has picked up one of the worst habits. Do not pressurize, try to give advice or punish the child. Think of dealing with the entire situation in a strategic and calm manner.

It is going to have a very negative impact on the child if you scream and shout. This will tend to demoralize the child and put him or her on the defensive. As a consequence it may become more difficult for the child to quit smoking. Teens of every generation have always felt that their parents do not understand them. As a parent you need to understand the position of your child and deal with the child on a psychological level.

In some situations, punishment may be necessary for your child. One particular situation is when you cannot accept that your child smokes at home. You need to firmly lay down the law but at the same time treat the child politely. Undue force will lead your child into trouble. The child is bound to become rebellious.

The primary thing is to talk to your child. Tell him the reasons and harmful effects of smoking. The main reason  for teenage smoking is that teens do not realize the harmful effects of smoking.

Tactfully, take your teenager to a smoker who has suffered on account if the habit. Teenagers tend to live for the moment and do not think about the effect of their actions on the future. As a parent it is up to you to convince your child to quit smoking, without having to get mad or unduly harsh. You should do this in a patient manner. This is the first obstacle you need to overcome. The next thing is to give your teen the necessary support to stop smoking. You need to assure your teen that the right time to quit is now. Tomorrow it may be too late. Teens often cannot stop smoking once they are truly addicted. You have to remove this wrong impression from the mind of your child that smoking can be given up at will.

In case you were not a smoker yourself, it may be difficult to  convince your child to quit. In such a situation, it is better to take counseling support. It is better to talk to the  pastor of your church or a teacher from school. Be consistent with  your child and let him or her face the challenge. Control your anger. Give your child a hug. Shower love and confidence on your child.