How to Help a Teen to Stop Smoking?

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Understanding the specific reason why your child took up smoking in their teenage can help you wean them off the bad and health endangering habit. Every smoking teen is different. They start out because of different reasons. You as a parent need to understand the nature of cigarette smoking first as only that can help kick start your kid to get off the habit.

Smoking is an addictive habit and in adolescents, use of pressure, force, or anger is a strict no no. Such tactics can make your child steadfastly increase his cigarette smoking even further out of rebellious feelings. The way to help your child is to simply ask him what exactly caused him to pick up the habit.

Show of support is more likely to elicit the proper response from a teenager. He will feel cared for and may well confess that the need to stay in sync with his friends made him do it. Having a frank talk with your smoking son is the best way to approach the matter. Never castigate him for picking up the habit because surely your teenaged kid already must feel guilty about it.

After your child himself expresses regret, tell him gently about the concern you feel for his health. At this point you can well point out the health hazards?that cigarette smoking if continued can have on his health and his career. Parents who do not smoke themselves have a better chance of weaning their child off cigarettes, than those who themselves do.

The reason for this is that children always look up to their parents. They in all probability want to emulate every single action of their parents. Therefore you can become a positive influence in so far as your kid's quitting the puff altogether is concerned.

Next you can always point out how smoking stains teeth. You can also focus on the wastage of money going up in smoke without adequate returns in any form whatsoever.

You can also casually point out that changing his current set of friends may help do the trick. Usually that almost always forms the crux of the matter because it is from one or the other influential friend that teenaged kids pick up the smoking habit. Usually it is simply because of peer pressure and conformance to a group's common feature.

Another circle of friends may have a common feature of no smoking in their members. Joining such a group of friends can help your kid more than parental controls can ever bring about. The reason is that teenagers are influenced by their mates much more than elders.

In some cases, parents may find that the habit has gone too far ahead. In such cases, you can take your kid to join a cigarette weaning support group or a hospital. Such institutions use medication and psychology to catalyze the cessation of smoking by teenagers.