Say It With A Slogan

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The pleasure of smoking is one which is? enjoyed by all most half of the world's population. On the other hand, the other half of the world is dead set against it. This half seems to have taken up some serious steps like anti-smoking laws to zero cigarette tolerance campaigns, in order to curb the cigarette smoking menace. Slogans are another novel means by which the point is being increasingly driven home.

A slogan is a sentence which has a pointed message and is used to promote an idea. Historically, slogans have always been used as a means for a group to promote their ideology or point of view. Slogans have been in use by advertisers, political campaigners and just about any body who had a vested interest in pushing a group, a product, an individual or an ideology

Anti smoking campaigns too have been using slogans which convey powerful messages and not only motivate smokers to quit, but also prevent many people from taking up the habit.

A number of anti smoking slogans have been coined to educate people about the ill effects of smoking. A number of health conscious celebrities have been used in anti smoking campaigns. These celebrities mouth the slogans which are created specifically for the campaign.

Slogans such as ?save your lungs, save your life?. The slogan clearly conveys the message that if you want to save your lungs and life, then there is no option but to quit. Another example is ?Breathe healthily, live happily?. One slogan which is very powerful and makes you think is ?If you can?t stop smoking, cancer will.?

Smoking is not a very inexpensive pastime. In a manner of speaking, cigarettes burn holes not just in your lungs but also your pockets. In some countries like Singapore, cigarettes cost as much as ten dollars a pack. ?Too much smoke will leave you broke? is a slogan which was aimed at motivating smokers to quit and save money at the same time.

Smokers cause pollution, and have often been at the butt end (pun intended) of criticism with slogans like ?go smoke in your own backyard? or ?Everyone has a right to clean air?.

Slogans being the effective medium of conveying a message that they are, should be used increasingly for anti smoking campaigns. It?s about time that each one of us thought up their own anti smoking slogan. Probably in our own little way we would be making a difference.