Stop Smoking - Allen Carr's Approach

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You need to inspire a person to stop smoking. It is really a tough task. It takes time to break a strong addiction. The author, Allen Carr has written a number of books which motivate the reader to quit smoking. One of these books is ?The Easy Way to Stop Smoking?. This book documents the method by which a smoker can quit.

The book by Allen offers introduces a novel method or process of quitting smoking.? It is an easy solution. It does not include special pills or some methods of therapy. Carr has laid emphasis on the thought process. Carr believes that smokers should ask themselves the reason that they smoke. Every smoker in this world has some or the other reason to smoke. The reason or the motivation to quit smoking however is the same for all smokers.

It becomes very difficult for a smoker to accept suggestion of other people. The smoker hardly acts on the suggestion of others. The smoker will not quit smoking immediately after reading this book. The book lays stress on the reasons to smoke. The book further stresses as to why it is important to stop smoking.???

In this book, the author has put no pressure on the person to quit smoking. In fact, the reader is asked to continue to smoke even while reading the book. There is a checklist of information at the end of this book. Going through the checklist, a smoker will definitely have a reduced desire to smoke. The important feature of this book is that it separates nicotine addiction from cigarette smoking.

A smoker cannot justify smoking after reading this book. Carr has removed? many misconceptions about smoking. The author has used reason and logic to make the reader pause and think about smoking. The reader will be able to readily identify with what Carr has written.

Many techniques to quit smoking are unsuccessful. Some methods worsen the smoker?s condition. The book by Carr is very successful because it informs the addict about the Nicotine craving, and how to deal and subsequently avoid it completely.? The reader should definitely be open to what Carr has written. If a smoker, he or she will be able to successfully give up the habit. The success rate of this book so far is ninety five percent. This book offers the intelligent path to quit smoking.