How Quit Smoking Medicines Can Help You

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The number of people willing to quit smoking is increasing, so is the number of medicines increasing available in different forms and brands. Now, the smoker just needs to know his level of addiction, consult a doctor for the recommendation of his dosage, and he can start his routine to quit smoking.

There is a variety of quit smoking medicines available, better known as nicotine replacement aids, in the form of gums, patches, inhalers, vaporizers, injection, lozenges, and many others which could be opted by the smoker according to his suitability. Though it is very difficult in the initial stage to sustain the usage of any aid, as the craving may pull him back to his addiction, once the smoker reaches a certain level, it may give him the drive to continue it. He could try few aids and brands to get the one which would suit him the best.

Another form of quit smoking medicine is Buproprion (Zyban) which was originally made as an anti depressant, but its usage among the patients automatically brought in the effect of reducing the desire to smoke. This medicine is a discovery on its own, but is available on prescription only, and has some side effects associated as any other medicine. Thus it should be followed only by a doctor?s recommendation.

The quit smoking medicines helps the smoker get away from his habit, and if not totally, then at least it helps him reduce the level of intake. The side effects, such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and others need to be tolerated in the initial stage to get improvement; as the constant use of the medicines will gradually reduce the side effects.

Despite all kinds of medicines available, the best way to quit smoking would be if a smoker could get away from this habit on his own that is by means of his own determination, dedication, and will power which would never have any side effects.