Kick The Butt With Chantix

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One of the popular prescription medicines that successfully aid the smokers quit smoking is known as Chantix. This life saving drug cuts down the smokers yearning for cigarettes. Chantix is a brainchild of Pfizer and was launched in the market in the year 2006. Apart from this, this medicine is completely nicotine-free and gradually leads to smoking cessation.

How Chantix Aids In Smoking Cessation?
Chantix works effectively as it blocks the brain's congenial response towards smoking. When you smoke, the nicotine present in the cigarette gets attached to the nicotine receptors that are already present in your brain. As soon as you inhale, a message is sent to the other part of the brain, which further releases a chemical referred to as dopamine. This chemical is the only thing that offers sense of pleasure to your body. And, this sensation remains intact for quite a long time. So, in a couple of minutes, you crave for more pleasure. Hence, it builds a vicious circle.

Now, how Chantix actually works. It aims the nicotine receptors present in the brain, gets attached to them and then blocks the path of nicotine. Once the receptors get activated, it is believed that the level of dopamine released automatically reduces.

The right way to use Chantix
Smokers who aim to quit smoking should first consult doctor, before they start to take Chantix. The ideal way to use Chantix is that a proper date should be set from when you decide to quit smoking. After the meal, take this medication. Preferably, take this medicine with a glass of water. Now, follow the directions mentioned on the prescription bottle. For any queries concerned with the use of Chantix, consult your pharmacist or doctor. Over dosage of Chantix should be strictly avoided.

Some of the non-serious side effects of Chantix are:

* Hallucinations
* Agitation, aggressive behavior, anger, anxiety, depression, nervousness, etc.
* Memory loss
* Seizures
* Suicidal thoughts
* Vision changes
* Chest pain
* Nausea

Precautionary measures while taking Chantix
It is essential that when you start taking Chantix, you don't take-up to smoking again. If you take this medication and then smoke again, you must try to quit smoking again. When you take this drug, your mouth possibly will become dry. For this, you can always chew a hard candy or gum. Drink as much water as you can when taking Chantix. Avoid long drives and don't operate heavy machines, until and unless you know how your body will respond to this medication. It is probable that you face mood swings while taking this drug. It is best to consult a doctor, in case of any serious side effects.