Zyban- First Of The Prescription Drugs To Stop Smoking

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Bupropion Hydrochloride is first of the prescription drugs to stop smoking that has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is being marketed under the name Zyban. Zyban will be formulated as sustained release tablets and has brought a completely new dimension to the way people stop smoking.

The company behind Zyban
Zyban has been developed by Glaxo Wellcome Inc., which is a part of the Gloaxo Wellcome plc. family? headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The developer of Zyban operates out of Research Triangle Park, NC and is one of the top pharmaceutical research and marketing companies in United States.

The big difference
Zyban is a path-breaking way to quit smoking. Its main achievement is that it is nicotine free. It does not take the conventional approach of helping you quit smoking by gradually reducing the nicotine intake of your body, instead it takes more of shock therapy approach by completely denying your body of any nicotine. This is a radical shift from other approaches like stop smoking devices and stop smoking filters that ironically try to make you quit smoking but keep on providing nicotine to your body.

The correct approach
Usage of these prescription drugs to stop smoking is also different from other ways. Unlike other ways where you start using the smoking cessation measures the day you want to quit smoking, Zyban follows a preemptive approach. You have to start taking Zyban at least two weeks before the date you want to quit smoking. This allows the Zyban in your body to reach the desired levels.

Zyban has been praised by many including the tobacco experts like Michael C. Fiore who is the director of Center of Tobacco Research and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin Medical School. He says that coupled with enough social support, people who will use Zyban stand a much better chance to get rid of their smoking addiction as compared to people who use traditional means like stop smoking electronic cigarettes, stop smoking gums etc. Dr. Fiore also informs that as much of this success can be attributed to Zyban as it can be attributed to the actual commitment of the smoker.

Zyban Advantage Plan
Glaxo has come up with the Zyban advantage plan which is a significant boost to people who choose Zyban as the way to quit smoking. It is offered to anyone taking Zyban and comes in the form of support of other techniques to quit smoking.

The effectiveness of Zyban was proven in two studies both of which were placebo controlled and had double blinds. The tests were conducted on 1500 chain smokers, each smoking at least 15 cigarettes in a matter of 24 hours. The Zyban powered results were much better than others.

Moreover being FDA approved leaves no chance of these prescription drugs to stop smoking being ineffective or otherwise harmful.