Quit Smoking with Effexor Xr

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The thought of quitting smoking is probably the best thing a smoker can do for himself, as he himself is in charge of a healthy and long life.

With the availability of many quit smoking aids which help a person quit smoking, Effexor xr is another form of anti depressant drug, whose generic name is Venlafaxine Hydrochloride, which could help quit smoking.

Effexor xr are in the form of tablets which needs to be taken as prescribed. It is originally marketed as an anti depressant drug. But, the smokers taking these pills to treat depression lost interest in smoking, and could stop smoking with ease. In this way, its effectiveness for quitting smoking was discovered. It is helpful compared to other nicotine substitutes, because it does not allow any extra nicotine to enter your body, like the inhalers, vaporizers, gums, etc.

Effexor xr should be taken under strict medical supervision. It can be taken along with food, at regular intervals. It is advisable to take the pills at same time daily. If one forgets to take a particular dose, it can be taken as soon as one remembers. Overdose is strictly prohibited though.

Effexor xr is mainly used to treat anxiety disorders. Thus, any side effects observed should be immediately informed to the doctor. Children below eighteen using these pills can face more side effects, even to the extent of having suicidal tendencies.

One can continue to smoke along with the intake of Effexor xr, to start developing the resistance power, and then gradually reach a quit date. The drug can be taken for sometime after quitting. But, every step should be revised by the doctor, for the best results.