Wellbutrin- A Medication For Withdrawal Symptoms

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If you decide to give up the habit of smoking abruptly, you may end up facing a large number of consequences in the form of withdrawal symptoms. They are extremely disturbing and they make you suffer a lot. You have to resort to medical aid to suppress these effects. The most popular and widely known types of medication include Bupropion. It is available under two brand names?Wellbutrin and Zyban.?

Wellbutrin is basically used as an antidepressant. When you give up cigarettes after a long period of smoking, you tend to be very depressed. To deal with that, you are advised to take recourse to this drug, which is available in the market in two forms?Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL. While there is little or no doubt regarding its effectiveness, there are many side effects as well.?

Main side effects of this drug are oral dryness, mild tremors, appetite loss, anxiety and agitation. You may experience dizziness and headaches as well. Insomnia is also another salient effect. However, the most controversial aspect of the drug is that it increases the risk of seizures. Also, you may feel your aggressive streak rising to a higher level. The occurrence of mania and psychosis is also noticed in some cases. Abdominal pain, anorexia and skin rashes are not uncommon as well.?

There is another positive aspect of Wellbutrin. It is known to improve sexual functions of the users. It does not bring down the libido as does some other drugs of the same breed. If somebody was a victim of sexual dysfunction, he will notice a change in the situation soon after being administered with the drug. Your sexual life will improve as a whole. Thus, Wellbutrin shows side effects when used after quitting smoking, but most of them are transient and do not last long. This drug facilitates your safe return to normal life after giving up smoking.?