Quit Smoking Even In Old Age: It's Going To Benefit

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There is a common misconception prevalent among us that the elderly populace does not gain much by quitting smoking. In reality, there is nothing as such. The old people also considerably benefit from kicking the habit. The amount of improvement may not be as much as in case of younger people, but the truth remains that the oldies also gain from it.

Smoking is one of the main causes of a number of ailments commonly observed in older people. A large number of elder people die every year due to fractures in the hip region. This happens basically because long-term smoking makes the bones in our body comparatively fragile. While this is not potentially dangerous, it may aggravate other illness-related symptoms. Cutting down on smoking can save the older people from problems in the health front. Smoking is known to be one of the chief causes of the most common form of eye cataract. This form of cataract renders many oldies sightless. Stopping to smoke can help cure this eye ailment to a large extent.???????????????????

Pulmonary diseases are also not rare among the aged people. Various research works have comprehensively proved that such illnesses occur due to smoking. Although it is not counted among life-threatening maladies, it may inversely affect the daily schedule of most of us. Hence, it is time the older people seriously considered shunning smoke altogether.

The machinery of our body gets weakened with the progression of age. Maladies which are innocuous in the young age may degenerate into major ailments as you become old. The problems are further aggravated in case of the smokers. If you stop smoking, you will find breathing much easier. This provides a huge boost to your existence in old age. Also, your external aging process will slow down, as it will deter the pace of wrinkling. Thus, you can see that there are scores of benefits even if you quit smoking at an advanced age.