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Smoking And Children
Top 5 Truths About Teen Smoking
Smoking is one vice that everyone should steer clear of- whether they're an adult or an adolescent.
Help Your Teen Stop Smoking
It becomes a frightening situation for you in case you find that your child is addicted to smoking cigarettes.
Children And Secondhand Smoke- What Smoke Does To Their Lungs
?Do as I say, don?t do as I do.? This statement should make every parent wince and stop in their tracks, and rightfully so. Not only does it smack of hypocrisy, but it also negates any sense of responsibility on a parent?s part, and you know that children learn by your example and not your words.
Smoking and Youth
'Smoking is injurious to health? is a very common clich?. Smokers hardly pay any attention to it. Another statement of fact that smokers hardly pay any attention to is? 'Smoking causes gradual death'.
Teen Age Smoking: Tips For Quitting
As a new smoker, yours is a soft encounter with the nicotine. By quitting smoking now, you will soon be out of the ill effects of smoking that are usually visible in the later stages of life.
Tobacco Tempting Teens? How To Talk To Your Kids About This Bad Habit

You started smoking quite early and are addicted to it now. Teenage years are one of the easiest times to become addicted to smoking. Many factors are responsible for this like- media, peer pressure, lack of knowledge and alike. Gradually, they move towards developing a bad habit out of smoking. As a parent, it is important for you to know about the tools and techniques which will move your teenage siblings against smoking. There are several kinds of tools that you can use in order to help your teen to stop smoking forever.

Helping Your Child Stop Smoking
The combustible younger generation of any country/society can build or break it. Basic conditions need to be created for them to be on the right track. Your dream about your child will go up in smoke, unless you help them to stop smoking!
Importance Of Educating Your Child On Smoking
Studies show adults can quit smoking under care of a counselor and physician. But this possibility is next to impossible with teenagers. Pre- teen age is an age in which we want to gain each and every experience whether good or bad.
All of us are fully aware of the fact that cigarette smoking is extremely hazardous for our health.
Third Hand Smoke Is Dangerous For Your Child
There's not just second hand smoke but also third hand smoke that you could get affected from. especially children should hbe kept away from it as well.
What If Children Smoke
The phrase ''anti smoking and kids'' depicts the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes on the health of the kids both in the case of active and passive smoking as children are facing a higher risk from tobacco smoke apart from the teenagers and young adults.