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Smoking Factsheet
Is Hookah Safe?
Many people use hookah as a substitute for hookah thinking that is safe. However, this is not true.
Is Cigar Safer Than Cigarettes?
Many people believe that cigar smoking is less harmful than cigarette smoking. However, this is nothing more than a myth. As a matter of fact, cigars are as harmful as cigarettes.
Before, During And After- Three Steps To Quit
If you too are trying to give smoking, then here is a complete guide that will help you take through the three stages of quitting smoking- before, during and after.
Frequently Asked Questions about How to Stop Smoking
I find it very hard to even think about giving up cigarette smoking. Why is it so hard? It is hard because of nicotine. Your body may have become habituated to nicotine.
Stop Smoking Cold Turkey: How Effective Is It?
Smoking cold turkey is a very popular quit smoking method. It is a very popular method to quit smoking by far.
Affect Of Smoking On The Foetus In Mother's Womb
Smoking is much dangerous for a pregnant woman than any other person. Smoking affects your unborn child. If you are going to plan your family or are already pregnant, then you need to concentrate on facts related to smoking. A Mother always wants to give a healthy and fit life to her baby. But continuing with your smoking are you really fulfilling your wish?
Are There Any Safe Cigarettes?
Off late, the popularity of safe cigarettes has been rising. These cigarettes are considered to be tobacco free and safer than their traditional counterparts. But, are these safe cigarettes really safe?
Can Smoking Harm My Skin?
Yes, it definitely can harm your skin. The skin is the outermost layer of the body and is considered to be a very important organ.
Quit Smoking ? Cold Turkey or NRT Which Is Best?
You can either quit smoking by using nicotine replacement therapy or drop the habit, cold turkey. Both these methods have their own merits. You can select the method which suits you the best.
What Happens When You Give Up Smoking
Many people are interested in knowing that what happens when you give up smoking. There are many symptoms that will occur after quitting smoking. Read out the article to know the answer.
Effect of Smoking on Pregnancy
A pregnant woman's life is no longer her own. She carries an additional responsibility in the form of the unborn child that will grow for  nine months in her womb. She will share with it whatever she eats, drinks, inhales or thinks.
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