An Essay On Quit Smoking

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No matter how you spread the awareness about the need of quitting smoking, its really important to convey the message to all the smokers. Children and teenagers at their age are more vulnerable to acquire this habit ,therefore they should be made aware of the addictive habit. You can very well convey the message of anti smoking to children through their education by exposing them to the various harmful effects of smoking. To know more about the harmful effects of smoking on children just read Essay for quit smoking

Children should be made aware of its ill effects by asking them to write an anti smoking essay. This would help you know as to what do they think about smoking. Also, you should provide them all the related information regarding smoking habit as children face great health hazards at young age. They are in the developing stage and also their breathing rate is faster than the adults. They should get to know the importance of smoking essay in leading an anti tobacco life by explaining them the ill effects of components like tobacco, nicotine and many more present in the cigarettes. If somebody starts smoking cigarettes then he / she should be handled with care by providing him the ways to quit smoking by employing several smoking cessation programs and anti smoking products.

So, by making them write anti smoking essay and providing information through other mediums can surely generate awareness about anti smoking among the children and also help them in giving up the habit.