Give Up Smoking And Set An Example For Others

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If you are addicted to smoking and want to quit. Don't wait, just do it. It would need great will and determination on your part. You may feel dizziness, irritability and depression once you stop smoking. But don't give up. Stick to your resolution. If you are able to sail through the ordeal of quitting, you would set an examples for others.

If you are a father, quitting smoking would be a great lesson for your kids. They would get to know that smoking was a bad habit and that's why their father left it. Thus they are less likely to smoke when they grow up. Moreover, by quitting you also save your kids and other family members from passive smoking.

You may become a role model for your smoking friends and they would also mobilize their efforts to quit this bad habit.

Once you stop smoking it would increase your social acceptability. Most of the work places have restrictions for smokers. If one stops smoking, he would no longer face annoyance of employer because of smoking. Other colleagues who smoke would also get motivation to quit.

If you are a chain smoker, addicted for a long time, after quitting you may become an ambassador for anti-smoking campaign. Your journey from an addict to a non-smoker can have a mass impact. And after learning your story, thousands are likely to give up this bad habit too.

So don't think, just kick start your efforts!