How To Curb Teen Age Smoking?

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Spoiling the combustible younger generation of a country, you spoil the entire country. So, the teen age smoking needs to be curbed, in the overall interests. Some tangible steps need to be taken for implementing the quit smoking campaign.

Here is a list of steps that need to be taken immediately to put an end to teen age smoking:

1) Non-smoker teens should be encouraged to form groups and initiate anti smoking campaigns in schools and colleges. Short documentaries need to be shown as to what smoking can do for damaging their health.

2) Teenagers should be taken on an educational tour. They should be made to visit some of the cancer wards of hospitals. The suffering of the cancer patients (the former tobacco addicts) will have a salutary effect on them.

3) The Subject, ?Nicotine? should be a full length chapter in the school syllabus. Its ill-effects should be periodically discussed in the college level debating competitions.

4) Teens themselves should take the lead in exposing the double-faceted approach of the government to tobacco addiction. For example, they can raise the issue that on the one hand tobacco manufacturers are made to declare that cigarette smoking is injurious to the health. On the other hand, there is no curb on the issuance of number of licenses to the tobacco product manufacturers.

5) The non-governmental organizations must take the lead in saving the younger generation from going to the ruins. Mere distribution of handbills and pasting of wall posters and putting across giant roadside hoardings is not going to bring the desired results.

6) All parents should check their smoking habit, for they play a major role in putting their kids in the peril of smoking. As father, as son. Especially when it comes to addictions! If the mother too smokes, the child is twice-blessed. The kid can steal cigarettes from two packets. Two sources of supply!

7) The punishments to the teen smokers should be trend-setting. If you wish to implement an important law concerning stop smoking among the teens, it should be implemented with sincerity and strictness.

I have one last advice for all the teens: do not tighten the smoking noose, it is in your own neck!