Quitting the Smoking Habit- How to Begin

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Any habit that is bad for your health is always very hard to break and you will find that smoking cigarettes is one of the hardest addictive habits to break. The reason is that cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which once it is part of your body, makes you crave more of the same. Once nicotine is the master of your body and of your mind, it will try its best to throttle any attempts by you to protest against its complete dominance of your life.

The trouble with addictive drugs like nicotine is that they establish very early a pattern of craving for them in your body. Your mind then becomes weak against their onslaught. It may appear futile then to fight against cigarette smoking. But that is not true.

The term continual fight is the most important if you want to successfully counter cigarette smoking. To fight against a strong enemy that has a big hold already on your mind and body requires understanding and support from near and dear ones and from experts in the medical field. The first thing that they can help you to fight and beat cigarette smoking at its own game is the building of mental resolve in you.

Traditional drastic withdrawal treatment has been found to be of no avail in endeavors to quit smoking. You need to break the hold first that nicotine has on your mind. You can become successful only if you break the chains gradually. Beating nicotine at its game really translates into first strengthening your mind. It may seem like mental torture in the initial months to even forgo smoking one cigarette out of your quota for a day.

However, without mental determination to beat the tremendous odds against you, you really cannot even hope to even withstand the craving for just one cigarette. So, first brace your mind for a long drawn out fight to the finish. Do continuously resist the craving for that one cigarette and you will find that two months into your fight you can actually forego smoking that one cigarette less than your original daily quota.

Yes, there will be moments of doubt and strong craving in-between to give in to the enemy to taste that one cigarette. However, those will be the defining moments when standing by your resolve will prove to be the difference between success and failure. You definitely need to win against the craving for nicotine only cigarette by cigarette. Otherwise, you are bound to fail. Nicotine will continuously test your mental resolve against its domination during every moment of craving.

If you are able to after two months into the fight to smoke one cigarette less than your quota for the day, you will have made the best beginning possible. From then on, you will find the going a little easier. Your mental resolve will receive a big boost and you need to bank on it to successfully smoke two cigarettes less per day from then on. The battle against nicotine, remember, will be lifelong, but after the initial six months, you will find that it no longer has the same hold on your mind and body.