Rehab Centers Help You Quit Smoking

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When all the efforts based on will power and determination fail to make you quit smoking, a rehabilitation center is the avenue left open for you to explore. Rehabilitation center with it's modern medical therapies and behavioral therapies helps smokers quit tobacco.

Conventional nicotine substitute treatment is quite common- for example nicotine gum, spray and patch. It helps addict decrease dependence on nicotine. But, nowadays new medicines have been introduced by rehab centers. A medicine varenicline has been recently introduced that can be taken orally.

These rehab centers provide constant counseling about disastrous effects of not quitting smoking. Smokers are convinced that if they continue smoking they may develop heart disease or cancer. A balanced combination of psychological and medicinal treatment is used to treat the sufferer.

These rehab centers also provide a list of skills with the help of which a patient can keep himself/herself away from smoking. In certain chronic cases of smoking, hypnosis is also used by rehab centers as a mode of treatment.

Usually, treatment at rehab centers start with evaluation of level of addiction. Then behavioral therapy is introduced in three stages. It is first done at individual level followed by group and family level therapy.

Replacement therapy is practised with the help of nicotine substitutes like Bupropion, inhaler and alike.