How to Stop Smoking? What Are Your Options?

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One issue commonly adversely affects the rehabilitation therapy in the case of the majority of cigarette smokers. It is related to the withdrawal symptoms appearing in the body associated with nicotine craving. This poses an obstruction in the smoker's endeavor to become becoming a smoke free person.

It happens because their body has become accustomed to the supply of nicotine periodically. This initiates a craving for nicotine which derails all attempts by the mind to withstand nicotine withdrawal. On the other hand, the more dangerous health hazards that endanger life because of lung damage, cardiovascular difficulties, and cancer come from other chemicals in cigarette smoke.

So, medication therapy is used for making a smoker stop the ingestion of dangerous chemicals into the body via cigarette smoke. It concentrates on supplying nicotine in different form to the body while ceasing smoking entirely. What this entails is to provide you with various different options for supplying nicotine into the body. You can take the pick that suits your liking and satisfy your craving for nicotine.

One such option is the use of what is known as a nicotine lozenge .It involves popping a nicotine tablet and allowing it to dissolve in your mouth by placing it under the tongue. This location facilitates quick absorption of nicotine into the body system and satiates the body's craving entirely. It avoids the cigarette smoke pathway which makes available highly dangerous chemicals for ingestion inside the body.

Another such option is nicotine in the garb of gum (nicotine gum) in sachets of 2 or 4 mg each.? What you do is to chew the gum and the nicotine in it is absorbed by the lining inside the mouth.? The advantage of this method is that the amount of nicotine absorbed per gob of gum is much less than the amount used in a lozenge or in the nicotine patch. The disadvantage lies in that you get back the craving again much earlier.

A nicotine patch is another pathway for supplying nicotine into the body of an erstwhile smoker. The skin of the individual concerned in this case becomes the location through which nicotine is absorbed into the body. What the person does is to place the nicotine patch on a clear area of his skin. All the options described above are available over the counter.

The prescription products are available in the form of nasal inhalers and nasal sprays. A nicotine inhaler uses the internal capacity of the lung to breathe in nicotine, whereas in the other case the nicotine is sprayed into the nostrils from a bottle using a pump for applying external pressure.

Other prescription based medications are also used for nicotine replacement in the body. The first line of such medications includes Bupropion (Zyban)?and Verenieline (Chantix) . The second line of such medications includes Nortriptyline (Aventyl)?and Clonidine (Catapres) both of which are yet to receive FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.